The Michigan Daily discovered in November 2004 that several articles written by arts editor Alex Wolsky did not meet the newspaper’s standard of ethical journalism. Parts of these stories had been plagiarized from other news sources. Although the article below has not been found to contain plagiarism, the Daily no longer stands by its content. For details, see the Daily’s editorial.

Kate Green
Courtesy of Achewood.com

5. “Mr. Show” – Oh god, Its Bob and David! The recently released third-season DVD set should act as a reminder that TV was once funny before falling victim to the devastating entitilitus.

4. “12:51” – The new single from the Strokes captures a decade of music within two minutes of tape. And what could be better than irregular clapping and copping licks from the Cars, you ask? The video is going to be a tribute to “Tron.”

3. The Decemberists – Finally, Colin Meloy proves that he’s not just another two-bit Jeff Magnum rip-off by creating one of the most haunting, introspective albums of the year.

2. Sofia Coppola – Her screenplay for the upcoming “Lost in Translation” is an elegant love letter to the nature of close friendships and to the city of Tokyo. A fascinating endeavor into the emotions of the filmmaker and her love for those unexpected connections we make which may not last.

1. Achewood.com – The sometimes-twisted, always-surreal online-exclusive comic based on the lives of five animals living in a California home brings topics such as anarchy, Jared from Subway and sexing up Cathy to a whole new, psychotic level.

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