Anyone who has followed OFWGKTA (short for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, the group that features Tyler, the Creator) is probably familiar with the legend of Earl Sweatshirt.


Earl Sweatshirt

He was part of the group at one point, though recently, to the joint disappointment and amusement of fans, it has been revealed that Earl’s mother has formed a barrier between Earl’s music and its release to fans, so his official linkage with Odd Future seems to have ceased for the time being. It even seems his mom has sent him to a school in Samoa for “at-risk individuals.”

However, the release of “Home” is perhaps one step toward liberation for the talented Earl. He posted a video on YouTube saying he would release “Home” if he got 50,000 Twitter followers, and once he did, he followed through. The track is not long, but it satisfies cravings for more of what some say is the best rap to come out of the whole Odd Future shenanigans. He even announces his re-entry in his own words: “Knock, knock, it’s that prodigal pen-throttle, bitch.”

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