This past Friday night, the citizens of Ann Arbor emerged from a multitude of backgrounds in a fight for awareness against AIDS. A to the Fourth, or Ann Arbor AIDS Awareness, was sponsored Leopold Bros. Brewery, and was the first of what shall become an annual event. This smoky coffeehouse atmosphere held asylum to numerous passionate souls protesting against sexual ignorance. With a plethora of sounds accompanied by an amazing cause, this function was not only student supported, but student run as well.

Paul Wong
DJ Virus, tearing up whatever DJ”s tear up.<br><br>Courtesy of DJ Virus

On a mission for community service, Shira Olevsky-Abercrombie”s journey for credit in a Women”s Studies Course at the University, evolved into one of the most successful fundraisers HARC (HIV/AIDS Resource Center) has ever seen. A “metals” major in the School of Art, she aimed to be a respectable woman in her community, along with the rest of her classmates, thus sought out a noteworthy cause. Her original requirement of five hours of community service, quickly transformed into five weeks as she bonded with HARC”s special events coordinator, Diane Moore.

Her strong connection to the local music industry allowed for the significant amount of talented musical performers. Breaking even financially only an hour into the show, the admirable support from the audience radiated throughout the room.

This ardent vibe remained electric as a series of eclectic performers took the stage. Representing every mid-western walk of life, sounds ranging from the lyrical sounds of Abercrombie herself and Seth Bernard, to the hip-hip groove of Notice Co. gathered the masses, as well as their donations.

Local musical talents, Jake Davidson and Jenny Jo Boyer set the tone for the evening with emotionally inspiring acoustics. Half-way through her set Jo was accompanied by a cellist, a powerfully subdued addition to an extremely soulful performance. Such a slight companionship between the two instruments metaphorically represents the voices of the audience although their support may be subtle, their impact is strong.

The home-grown feel of guitars was rapidly abandoned and replaced by jazzy house and bass-slapping funk. Jiant, followed by Chubby Styles, stormed the stage with an entourage of never-ending groovy beats. The eclectic stylings of Smokestack was proceeded by the event coordinator herself, Shira Abercrombie, and the night closed out with the impactful line-up of Seth Bernard, Notice Co. and DJ Virus.

One student”s efforts were able to make a difference, without distributing obnoxious flyers in the diag. When combining quality tunes, beer and condoms, students are destined to emerge from the woodworks in support of your cause, especially when they face the issue everyday.

A to the Fourth brought people together, making awareness hip again.

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