Passers-by stood and watched as University Police confronted two men near the Diag today in an incident that ended when one of the men was subdued with pepper spray.

Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Diane Brown said University Police were called to the scene after reports that the two men were demanding money from students walking in the area.

“We received a report of two people on the Diag, or in the Diag area, who were aggressively panhandling,” Brown said, adding that the panhandling was not being carried out in a way that would be considered robbery.

Once University Police arrived, the two men were read trespassing rights and were asked to leave University property, Brown said.

Brown said that while one of the subjects readily cooperated with officers and was escorted from campus peacefully, the other subject — a 49-year-old man — resisted arrest.

“We had reports of him aggressively panhandling and so we were escorting him off campus property when he resisted police instructions and then ultimately resisted the police officer when he was told he was going to be arrested,” Brown said.

While resisting arrest, the subject — who Brown said was inebriated — began to fight with University Police. In response, police officers used pepper spray to subdue the man. Brown said he was then taken into custody and to the University Hospital because he was complaining of physical discomfort.

Though she could not confirm what treatment the subject received at the hospital, Brown said University Police did not take physical action that would have injured the man.

Brown did confirm that the man was discharged from the hospital and would be released from police custody after being processed.

Brown said the man has had previous run-ins with University Police for trespassing on campus property.

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