For the first time since 2000, the controversial senior honor society The Order of Angell is a University-sanctioned student group.

The group, then known as Michigamua, broke ties with the University in 2000 after Native American artifacts were found in the group’s headquarters in the tower of the Michigan Union by the Student of Color Coalition, which occupied the group’s space in the tower for 37 days. The possession of the artifacts was considered a violation of the group’s 1989 agreement with Native American students and the University that it would no longer use Native American culture in its rituals.

The group joined the online Maize Pages student group registry last week after a year of reforms that included changing its name and releasing its list of members.

“We believe that at this time we can best serve campus by being part of it as an official student organization,” said Andrew Yahkind, the spokesman for the group, in an e-mail interview last night. “We decided to pursue registration after our other changes had been completed.”

The Order of Angell joined the registry of official student groups after going through the Student Organization and Recognition process. Groups are required to submit a constitution for approval by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership.

“Students need to be able to see what they’re getting involved with,” said Susan Wilson, the director of the University’s Office of Student Activities and Leadership, in an interview yesterday. “The idea is for student groups to be clear about how they operate and what they stand for.”

The Order of Angell’s constitution says that the group’s purpose is to unite leaders from various student organizations to discuss ways to promote the University’s interests and values as well as to perform community service anonymously.

The group also released yesterday a list of its new class of members. The list was two members short of the maximum of 25 students that the constitution says can be tapped for membership every year.

Yahkind refused to comment on whether the group tapped the full 25 students and whether any students turned down the invitation, but he said the list includes the names of every new member.

“The names of the classes of 2008 and onwards will all be public,” he said.

The group also announced yesterday that it plans to hold a community forum this semester. Its members want to present an overview of the group and to field questions from students, Yahkind said.

“We have decided to hold it now because we have undergone a year of historic change and are excited to share where that year has brought us,” he said.

The Pride of 2008

New members of The Order of Angell

-Sarah Banco – Women’s soccer
-Lindsey Cottrell – Women’s soccer
-Steve Crompton – Dance Marathon
-Lindsay Davis – Women’s golf
-Alessandra Giampaolo – Softball
-Sam Harper – College Democrats chair
-Michael Hart – Football
-Jen Hsu – Co-chair of the Michigan Student Assembly’s LGBT commission
-Nellie Kippley – Women’s gymnastics
-Matko Maravic – Men’s tennis
-Doug Pickens – Baseball
-Randal Seriguchi – VP of the National Pan-Hellenic council, MSA
-Sejal Tailor – Multicultural Greek Council president
-Alex Tisdall – ROTC
-Tyrel Todd – Men’s wrestling
-Alex Vanderkaay – Swimmer
-Zack Yost – MSA president
-Michael Cromwell – A capella
-Nicole Wojcik – Marching Band
-Anup Shah – IASA
-Rohan Patel – Dance Marathon
-Kelly Sanderson – Women Engineers
-Gervis Menzies – Residence Hall Association

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