After sustaining damage from a fire last January, Krazy Jim”s Blimpy Burger, a popular local restaurant, may reopen within the next few weeks.

Paul Wong
Krazy Jim”s Blimpie Burger will be able to reopen as soon as a specialized grill arrives. The popular campus restaurant has been closed since a grease fire in January.<br><br>BRENDAN O”DONNELL/Daily

The fire destroyed a significant portion of the restaurant”s kitchen area putting it temporarily out of business during one of its busiest seasons. Although the restaurant was scheduled to reopen a week after the fire, customers have been waiting for months.

“We will be open at least within a month. I hate to start rumors, but if we are not open with in a month they will drag me off to debtors court. … March and April are usually our busiest months,” said Rich Magner, proprietor of Blimpy Burger, 551 S. Division.

Blimpy Burger”s postponed opening has been due in part to setbacks involved in ordering an exact replica of the restaurant”s previous grill, which was destroyed in the fire.

“We are waiting on a special custom-made grill because we wanted to change as little as possible, as soon as that gets here the rest of the stuff can be finished within a week,” Magner said.

Those involved in the remodeling of Blimpy Burger said customers should not worry about any significant changes.

“I know sometimes when a restaurant is closed for a long time it reopens under new management or something. Nothing like that is going to happen,” Magner said.

The only new addition will be a new arrangement of appliances. Magner said the fryer and the grill will be placed under one hood instead of two in order to facilitate faster service.

“We are going to reopen and it will be mainly the same,” Magner said.

Magner added that the number of phone calls he has received regarding the restaurant is an indication that many customers have been eagerly awaiting the business” reopening.

“People have been starting rumors that we are open, and we have been getting plenty of calls asking when we will be open,” Magner said.

Although the inconvenience of ordering a special grill has delayed its opening, Blimpy Burger management said the wait should be worth it for both its customers and staff.

“It is a special grill, it is only 24 inches deep instead of 30 which is best because we are tight for space and didn”t want to rearrange everything. … It is easy to clean and it works well,” Magner said.

He added that the restaurant will open soon after the arrival of the grill.

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