Most Addicting:

By Simon Dorsey

Try to play Jetman for less than five minutes. It’s impossible. What has quickly become the crack cocaine of Facebook applications, Jetman is possibly the simplest game of all time, which makes it all the more infuriating. You fly a little man (or banana or beer bottle) around with a jet pack, avoiding crashing into the ceiling, floor or blue rectangular obstacles. Challenging your friends to see who can get the farthest is the most rewarding part of the game and you’ll be surprised how quickly time flies and your anger rises when attempting to beat your own high score.

Most Creative:


By Mark Kanto Tim Suzman and Ted Suzman

This application was originally created for the sole purpose of allowing you to draw boobs or penises on your friend’s wall. However, some very creative kids have gotten a hold of it with their tablet notebooks and have created some of the most impressive MS Paint works of art to be seen. Can you have the Mona Lisa on your wall? Yes, if you have friends in the School of Art and Design with way too much time on their hands.

Worst Import From Myspace:

Glitter Text

By Freewebs

When I first heard about the advent of Facebook applications, my immediate thought was, “God, it’s turning into MySpace.” And when I finally saw the “Glitter Text” application, I knew I was right. Why, why do you need to see your name spelled out in flashing pink sparkles? Can’t you just doodle that on your notebook during biology and save all of our eyes the strain? Oh, and by the way, this is college, not sixth grade.

Most Self-concious:

Honesty Box

By Dan Peguine and Erik Giberti

“What do you really think of me?” That’s the question everyone wants know, but only some would actually solicit answers for in an anonymous forum. There’s really no better way to say, “I’m insecure” than to add this application. Presumably, it’s anonymous when someone actually posts an answer, but I’m sure as hell not going to risk my friend knowing it’s me who thinks he’s “a loser with glaringly obvious self-esteem issues.”

Best Judge of Superiority:

The New York Times Quiz

By The New York Times

In a handful of questions about the Times’s coverage for the day, you can prove to your friends that you are, in fact, their intellectual superior. Just make sure you do it alone in the dark, because we all know you cheat.

Best Way To Kill A Friendship:

Pirates vs. Ninjas

By Buddy Media Inc.

No, I do not want to be a werewolf/zombie/ninja/pirate. No, I do not want to recruit my friends to be werewolves/zombies/ninjas/pirates. No, I do not care if I recruit enough people to be the werewolf/zombie/ninja/pirate King. Yes, I might cancel our Facebook friendship if I see one more werewolf/zombie/ninja/pirate invitation from you in my notifications.

Least User Friendly:


By Facebook

The video application is emblematic of a larger problem with applications as a whole. My friend posts a video. I click on it. Do I want to add the video application to my profile? Do I want to give the video application access to my personal info? Do I want to pledge a donation of only 5 dollars to the “video application fund for needy children”? No! I just want to watch the damn video. Perhaps there wouldn’t be such a divide between application havers and application haters if they didn’t ask so much of a person.



By Hugsalot Inc

Give Ashley a hug? You have hugged Ashley. Aw, that makes me : )

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