5. “Curb Your Enthusiasm” – The loss of “Seinfeld” has been difficult to cope with, but Larry David’s return to television provides a cure for fans of shows about nothing.

Kate Green
Courtesy of FOX

4. “Madden 2004″/”NCAA 2004” – Football is king for videogame competition and EA’s exemplary series provide plenty of opportunities for smack talk and crushed egos.

3. “Alias” – Family dramas are not supposed to be as exciting or intriguing as ABC’s espionage thriller. Jennifer Garner perfectly embodies Sydney Bristow and every episode is filled with twists and turns imaginatively complicating the already confusing lives of the characters.

2. “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” – The final chapter in the “El Mariachi” trilogy concludes one of the most stylized and violent series with a bang. Johnny Depp manages to steal the show, even though Antonio Banderas still plays “El” as a total badass. A “Man With No Eyes” spin-off deserves to be made.

1. “Family Guy” – Rumor has it that creator Seth MacFarlane is in negotiations to bring back the Fox cartoon as a direct to DVD project. Maybe Stewie will finally achieve his goal of global domination or at the very least become the next governor of California as he announced his candidacy during a brief appearance on this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.













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