The award for Best Supporting Actress also has its share of premium talent with Kathy Bates from “About Schmidt,” a surprising Queen Latifah with “Chicago,” Jullianne Moore for her role in “The Hours,” Meryl Streep for “Adaptation,” and Catherine Zeta-Jones for “Chicago.” It would seem that the list of names for Best Supporting Actress rivals that of Best Actress! This year brings with it a lot of stars to the best supporting category, just as much as Best Actress, and with it a lot of tension and anticipation. There are a lot of tough calls this year and there are sure to be some upsets as well.

Charles Paradis
Meryl Streep. Courtesy of Columbia
Charles Paradis
Catherine Zeta-Jones. Courtesy of Miramax

Jullianne Moore is the one to look out for this year. She has been nominated in both categories this year and has not won an Oscar to date despite being nominated in the past for her role in P.T. Anderson’s “Boogie Nights,” for which many thought she deserved the award.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ is also often viewed as having been robbed, but for even a nomination for “Traffic” in which she played the wife of a notorious drug dealer. Zeta-Jones’ role as Velma Kelly in “Chicago” was perfectly suited for her star persona – blending both the sexy and the sophisticated.

Also from “Chicago,” Queen Latifah has been nominated for her role as Matron Morton. Latifah’s character was one of confidence and boldness. This actress’s path to screen success has been a quick one and it is already a great accomplishment to be paired alongside Oscar veterans Kathy Bates and Meryl Steep.

Kathy Bates won the Best Actress Oscar back in 1990 for here role as Annie Wilkes in “Misery.” Bold and always first rate, Bates now finds herself up for the Best Supporting Actress award this year for her role as Roberta Hertzel in “About Schmidt.” The role included a revealing nude scene for the mature actress.

Meryl Streep is perhaps the biggest veteran in the best supporting category this year and it is somewhat surprising not to find her in the Best Actress category for her role in “The Hours” with Nicole Kidman. However, Streep’s work in “Adaptation” as Susan Orlean is definitely just as deserving as the rest. With all the competition this year and against many who have not yet won an Academy Award, it will be interesting to see if Streep can snag another Oscar.

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