5StarsSet Yourself on Fire — the second album from various members of indie-rockers Broken Social Scene is a blissful dip into the realm of synth harmonies and purely Canadian pop. Just add ‘em to the list of impressive acts from our frozen neighbors to the north.

Angela Cesere
Courtesy of Fox Searchlight

4“New Wave” scuffles — The brand new beef between neo-new wave bands The Killers and The Bravery has escalated to the level of The Game vs. 50 Cent. Except instead of drawing guns, they’ll draw moustaches on each other with their respective eye-liner. Sassy.

3Kevin in “Sin City” — Sure, Elijah Wood’s earnest Middle Earth dialogue captivated “Lord of the Rings” freaks, but his mute, demented portrayal of Frank Miller’s cannibalistic predator rivals even the most infamous of limb-munchers. Cannibalism is so the new ring bearer-ism. Plus, his glasses look like they were left over from the set of “Powder.”

2“Sideways” on DVD — How many people can actually say they’ve let their wine “breathe?” The most deliciously bitter film of the year hits DVD this week — so grab your 1961 pinot noir and … Oh, forget it, grab a Red Stripe and cry your way to the end of this instant classic buddy road comedy.

1The Blogosphere — It’s about damn time the most ubiquitous group of gossip rags, music snobs and cinema nerds get recognized. You’d never know how into blogging these culture freaks are until you visit some of their meticulously designed, constantly updated sites. Try defamer.com, whatevs.org or stereogum.com or autumnattic.blogspot.com for the ripest sounds, the freshest pics and trashiest celebrity buzz.

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