Ann Arbor nightlife is returning to normal, according to the Ann
Arbor Police Department, after a series of bar fights in July
involving hundreds of people.

While bar fights are fairly common, AAPD had been taking extra
precautions to prevent similar incidents in the future because of
the unusually large number of participants that were involved in
the fights, Deputy Chief Greg O’Dell said.

“The primary thing that we’ve done is increased
patrols during closing time,” he said, adding that AAPD has
also changed the work schedules for several officers, so there are
now more officers on duty at 2 a.m.

There have been no complaints since the most recent brawl broke
out at Studio 4 on South Fourth Avenue on July 26, O’Dell

Almost 200 people were involved in the fight outside Studio 4.
Three women were arrested, one for striking someone in the head
with a bottle, and the other two for disorderly fighting.

When police officers began questioning witnesses to determine
what happened, they found that some of the names given were the
same from a previous fight on July 8. That brawl occurred outside
the Bird of Paradise Jazz Club on Main Street.

“There were a couple people who were the same in both
crowds,” O’Dell said.

Lieutenant John Seto said the fights are
“potentially” related, but they are still under

About 300 people were involved in the brawl outside the Jazz
Club. Police officers had to use mace to clear out the crowd, but
not before three people were stabbed. The injuries, however, were
not life-threatening.

“The people were treated and released from local
hospitals,” O’Dell said.

Personal issues seem to have been the motive for both fights.
People were fighting about relationships and girlfriend issues
inside the club, and then it spilled out into the streets at
closing time, O’Dell said.

Another fight also started outside Touchdown Café on
South University Avenue on July 18. Two men were attacked in that
fight, and a 16-year-old Ann Arbor teen was charged with aggravated

The AAPD has also been working with the nightclub owners to
ensure safety in the downtown area. The AAPD has asked the clubs to
be very diligent with checking identification and limiting the size
of the crowd, O’Dell added.

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