The University’s Department of
Public Safety issued a crime alert in conjunction with the Ann
Arbor Police Department after two robberies occurred Sunday within
five minutes of each other.

style=” font-family: New York;”>Both victims were approached in a
similar manner by a group of five young males. The men then punched
the victims and forced them to surrender property.

style=” font-family: New York;”>“The instances were very
quick, and that’s about all of the information that was
provided,” said AAPD Lt. John Seto.

Seto said AAPD cannot disclose what
items were stolen from each victim.

style=” font-family: New York;”>“We don’t give
specifics because that’s something we don’t want people
to find out because that has evidentiary purposes,” Seto

style=” font-family: New York;”>He added that there have been no
new developments in either case since the alert was issued.

style=” font-family: New York;”>Although recently there have been
several reports of alleged muggings near campus, Seto said these
are the only two being investigated with a possible

style=” font-family: New York;”>“From our aspect, we are
investigating these two specifically because we believe they are
related,” Seto said.

style=” font-family: New York;”>DPS spokeswoman Diane Brown said
she could not comment on the status of the cases because the AAPD
is investigating them, even though DPS also issued the

style=” font-family: New York;”>In the alert, AAPD and DPS offer
suggestions for student safety, including walking with a companion
and using blue light emergency phones located on campus.

style=” font-family: New York;”>AAPD offers a confidential tip line
at 1-800-863-1355 for individuals with information about either

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