Warm April nights are a rarity in Michigan. Football season is over, the school year is drawing to a close – a four month hiatus from this campus looms ahead, or maybe graduation does too. There is no experience quite like football Saturdays, but there is also no sensation akin to breaking into the Big House. The stadium is the largest in the western hemisphere, and the third largest in the entire world – the most iconic symbol of this university.

During the season, the place is filled with over 100,000 of your closest kin, bound by a love for Michigan and a shared energy of eternity. To see the same place under only the moonlight, struck by a silent vastness – that is a moment truly worthy of being called “breathtaking.”

Though trespassing is illegal and many students have been arrested in the past, the risk and rebellion are enticing. There’s an adrenaline rush to climbing the gates, seeing the sprawl of Ann Arbor at the top and realizing you must get down. When you finally enter, the stark emptiness, the drop-dead stillness – the stadium screams a silent grandeur. The spring wind flies in your face as you sprint the 100 yards solo down the field. It makes you feel infinite.

There is no better way to remind yourself of your love for this school than laying with your best friends on the 50-yard line under the dome of stars, reminiscing on the amazing memories you’ve made together. Even these words here can never adequately sum up the sensation of breaking into the Big House. The act is a milestone of your years at Michigan. This is your chance to take a personal look at the stadium before it’s flooded with a sea of caps and gowns on graduation day.

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