I’ve been to Fleetwood twice. The first time I went was my first morning ever in Ann Arbor. I was visiting my friend and we drank a little too much whiskey the night before. The second time was my nineteenth birthday around 2 a.m. Hippie Hash soaked up the sourness in my stomach and chicken tenders hit the spot after some serious karaoke.

Fleetwood is open 24/7, as any good late night or hangover cure spot should be. It’s tiny, and you’re going to be scolded if you try to rearrange the tables — it’s already a fire hazard. If you’ve been there you know exactly what I mean, and if you haven’t been it’s an Ann Arbor-must.

Whether it’s late night and you’re feeling good or it’s late-morning/mid-afternoon and you’re not feeling so good, Fleetwood is where you need to be.

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