Good thing I made a reservation to go to Tomukun Korean Barbeque on a Saturday night, because the line was out the door. To me, a long line is an indicator of good food, so I was instantly excited for my first experience trying Korean barbeque.

Located on East Liberty St., Tomukun offers tasty and authentic Korean cuisine, with a setting perfect for date nights or outings with friends. I went with a group of six and we were seated around a table with a mini grill in the center of it.

Since I was in a big group, we ordered the BBQ combo platter for $90 (yikes), but you definitely receive enough food for your money, and splitting it six ways isn’t so bad. The BBQ combo includes a variety of meats including spicy pork, short ribs, marinated ribeye, sirloin, beef brisket and pork belly, and comes with a side salad, a variety of dipping sauces and rice. Like I said, lots of food.

Here’s the catch: they give you all the meat uncooked. The waiter fires up the grill in the middle of the table and you get to cook the meat yourself. You’re probably thinking, $90 and they don’t even cook it?! But it’s all part of the experience, and I had a blast pretending I was on Top Chef with my friends. The real chefs prepare and serve the uncooked meats with different spices and marinades, all ready for you to put on the grill. Just make sure you cook it all the way!

Tomukun provides a fun, lively, slightly upscale atmosphere, making the entire experience a great night out with friends.

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