On a nice day, crowds of people holding ice cream cones can be seen wrapping around the corner of Ashley and Madison. Washtenaw Dairy, which has sat in the heart of the Old West Side for more than 78 years, is one of the best-loved ice cream destinations in Ann Arbor. Unlike many other ice cream parlors in the city, Washtenaw Dairy has fair prices and very generous portions. The single scoop is essentially a double, and you will never think twice about asking for a waffle cone because you will get your money’s worth every time. As a local business with loyal customers, Washtenaw Dairy is a must-visit for anyone looking to branch out from campus or to spend less than $5 for ice cream.

Instead of fussing around with countless froyo toppings or funky Greek yogurt inspired flavors, Washtenaw Dairy keeps things classic: The hand-dipped Stroh’s flavors like mint chocolate chip or Moose Tracks never get old, and they also do shakes, malts and sundaes. But they aren’t just an ice cream shop! Washtenaw Dairy also has famously delicious homemade doughnuts, dry ice and a bunch of dairy products like fresh milk, cream, eggs, butter and cheese.

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