No matter the season, a serene walk through the Nichols Arboretum is the perfect collegiate escape for two. With the Huron river swirling through the differing terrains of the land, a foray into nature will evoke feelings of quixotic romance.

Michigan’s drastic weather throughout the year grants different courtship opportunities. In fall, a brisk walk through the changing leaves can stir amorous sentiment, and in winter, the large clearings in the Arb are perfect for snowball fights and sledding. When spring finally comes, the Fairy Houses and blooming peony gardens provide an impeccable backdrop for a picnic. While there is a feeling of tranquil solitude, the creatures of the Arb, including the deer frolicking through the trees and the trademark obese Ann Arbor squirrels, are a source of entertainment and wonder if first date conversation runs dry.

The Nichols Arboretum has been a constant presence in Ann Arbor since 1907, giving it the name “Tree Town.” The dedication to the natural world of Michigan creates a beautiful opportunity to leave the baggage and stress of only a few feet away to embrace the changing landscape, and maybe another person.

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