The Blind Pig is the place to be if you are looking for live music that rocks. This club, with its peculiar name and recognizable blue sign, boasts a serious history of talent. The list of artists that have played there include names like Macklemore, Smashing Pumpkins, R.E.M., Darren Criss, Nice Peter (of YouTube fame) and Nirvana. Yep, Nirvana played there back in 1990. The Blind Pig has a propensity for discovering the next big thing. Frequenting this venue just may give you the opportunity to finally get to say “I say them in concert before they were cool.”

Though the venue tends to favor indie-rock performances, most genres feature there, from electronic to folk to hip hop to rap and more. Part of the charm of The Blind Pig comes from its love of local music. Many musical acts are from the Ann Arbor or larger Southern Michigan area. Additionally, many groups have made their first-ever public appearance on The Blind Pig’s stage. I dare you to attend their annual rap tribute “Folk the Police,” featuring mostly local artists, and not discover your latest musical obsession.

With mirrored walls, a kicking light show, an insane sound system and a popcorn machine to boot, The Blind Pig brings the party. And while you’re rocking out, spend some time exploring the pictures, stickers, articles and other memorabilia that line the walls — you might just see the name of your favorite band.

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