Finding a Chinese place that’s the perfect mix of good and greasy and cheap and convenient is a challenge in a city like Ann Arbor, where the options can seem endless. You could spend your time, money and sanity trying every restaurant within walking distance from campus, or you could just listen to us and head straight to Lucky Kitchen, whose perfectly guilty Americanized Chinese fills the hole in your heart that no other food can even attempt to patch.

With locations on both Central and North Campus, Lucky Kitchen is the perfect restaurant to dine in, take out or have delivered at the end of a long night of either studying (or drinking), and both locations are open most nights until 10 or 10:30 p.m. But, what sets Lucky Kitchen apart from the rows of restaurants you might pass walking up and down the South U strip is its ability to cater to student’s dietary needs, cutting out unhealthy sodium and fat by using quality ingredients without raking up the cost. They also offer a variety of deals and coupons to students for simply liking their Facebook page or signing up for emails.

So save yourself, your stomach and your wallet from the search for the perfect go-to Chinese, knowing that Lucky Kitchen is everything you’ve been looking for and more.

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