Appalachian St. (Sept. 1), L 32-34: Imagine opening the door to your dorm room and someone punching you in the face. That’s what happened at the Big House. So much for a National Championship.

Oregon (Sept. 8), L 7-39: Then the person that punched you in the face added insult to injury by stepping on your crotch and spitting in your ear. Then he walks out your front door with your girlfriend and steals your laptop. And your pillow.

Notre Dame (Sept. 15), W 38-0: The defeat of the Fighting Irish did two things for Michigan.First, it gave the Wolverines confidence heading into the Big Ten season. Second, the national press switched gears from Michigan’s 0-2 start to harping on how bad Notre Dame is.

Penn State (Sept. 22), W 14-9: For the second week in a row, the Wolverine defense held its opponent without a touchdown as Michigan beat the Nittany Lions for the ninth straight time. Michigan safety Artis Chambers had nothing to do with that, but his Big Ten ineligibility could have cost the Wolverines the game.

at Northwestern (Sept. 29), W 28-16: Chad Henne returned from injury to lead Michigan to a second-half comeback win. Special thanks to the alarm clock that woke up the Wolverine defense for the fourth quarter.

Eastern Michigan (Oct. 6), W 33-22: Michigan played this game like it was a bye week – as 10 Wolverine contributors sat on the sidelines against the Eagles. Unfortunately for Michigan fans, this one turned into more of a contest than anyone would’ve imagined with Eastern Michigan pulling to within two points in the second half.

Purdue (W 48-21): After a pair of not-so-dominating performances against not-so-great teams, the Wolverines silenced critics with a huge win over the Boilermakers. The offense looked nearly unstoppable, and the defense impenetrable. The bad news: Mike Hart got hurt.

at Illinois (W 27-17): Led by a legendary effort from Chad Henne, the Wolverines showed a lot of guts in their win over Illinois, beating them in front of a sold-out crowd at night. The win put Michigan in perfect position for the rest of the year, well unless, Henne is really hurt.

Minnesota (W 34-10): Two years ago, the Gophers captured the Little Brown Jug for the first time since 1986 thanks to – surprise – a late-game, long run. This year, the Wolverines taught them a less – even without the help of Chad Henne and Mike Hart. The Jug is safe for another year in Ann Arbor.

at Michigan State (W 28-24): Chad Henne once again battles through injury to lead the Wolverines to a fourth-quarterback comeback victory in East Lansing. Wide receiver Braylon Edwards, we mean Mario Manningham, makes a great catch to win the game. Sorry, lil’ bro.

at Wisconsin (L 37-21): And Ryan Mallett’s downfall continues. Relieving Chad Henne early in the game, the freshman breaks down in front of Camp Randall crowd. With the defense struggling against the Badgers, the Wolverines eight-game winning streak comes to an end.

Ohio State (Nov. 17): The Game is once again for all the marbles. With a Big Ten Championship and a Rose Bowl berth on the line, you can expect another epic game in the storied rivalry . And you can bet Chad Henne, Mike Hart and the rest of the seniors would like nothing more to topple Ohio State in their last game in Ann Arbor.

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