(Tommy Amaker) has really tried to show us what we”ve done in the past. Coach (Brian) Ellerbe was like, “We”re just Michigan, you guys should know what it is that”s going on.” For me being a local kid, I know exactly what”s been going on with Michigan.

But for some of the guys from the West coast, East coast, they don”t really have any idea what Michigan did, or who Rumeal Robinson is, to be perfectly honest.

Chris Young

Tommy Amaker did not build a time machine, but he is taking strides to bring Michigan back to the future.

Young, who is from Plymouth, recalls the championship season of 1989. Rumeal Robinson sank two free throws in overtime to beat Seton Hall (before Amaker”s tenure with the Pirates) 80-79.

But not everyone at Michigan grew up with the Maize and Blue basketball players included.

Through several changes in the Michigan basketball program, from the new look of the arena to a fresh approach with his team, Amaker is looking to instill the pride and glory that was once synonomous with Michigan basketball.

Amaker is asking for patience from the University community, as 2001 is just the first step in returning Michigan to past glories.

Amaker had a mural of Rumeal Robinson”s fateful moment put in the corridor of the Crisler lockerroom.

Now all the Wolverines know the name and face of Rumeal Robinson.

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