One of the greatest conveniences afforded to University students
is the electronically stored lunch money, Entre Plus. A quick swipe
of your handy MCard and you’re good to go at a wide variety of
restaurants on campus. In fact, with Entre Plus, sometimes the
hardest part is deciding where to eat.

Kate Green
While restaurants in the Union Underground, such as Magic Wok, do not accept credit cards, you can always put it on the real plastic … your MCard.

Which restaurants on campus are legitimate eateries, and which
are not (i.e. “janky”)? Bear in mind, that a restaurant can have
decent tasting food but can still be deemed “janky” based on other
factors, such as selection, service and speed. Think of a Taco Bell
Express compared to its full-service sibling and you’ll understand
the distinction. Without further ado, here is the essential
information to Entree Plus at the Union.

Mrs. Field’s Cookies

It’s a full-service Mrs. Field’s. With a variety of baked goods,
including cupcakes slathered with frosting, this eatery can satify
a raging sweettooth. And, if you give them advance notice, they’ll
even bake you one of those giant party cookies, but they won’t draw
a pot leaf on it during Hash Bash.

If you need to feel healthy afterwards, there’s a smoothie bar
attached to it so you won’t be without your
strawberry/yogurt/Creatine fix.

But man cannot live on cookies and smoothies alone, and as Mrs.
Field’s provides no real sustenance, this cannot truly be
considered a legitimate restaurant.

Verdict: Janky

Villa Pizza

While Villa Pizza doesn’t offer the best pizza on campus, it is
the only pizza place that will accept your parent’s money in MCard
form. The smell of garlic can be reason enough to hand them your
card, however, this restaurant is teetering on the edge due to its
exorbitant prices and lack of freshness.

Still, give it your nod of approval since you can’t really find
anything wrong with it. But if Papa John’s or any respectable
establishment ever starts accepting Entr�e Plus, you should
take your business elsewhere.

Verdict: Legit


Reigning as the high watermark of the Union underground, Wendy’s
offers lightening-fast service at dirt-cheap prices. You usually
don’t have to wait longer than one minute for your food, and it’s
not because they have stacks of orders lying around. Peer into the
back and you’ll see a full assembly line of employees working with
ninja-like precision. There’s also a cool old lady that works up

A word of caution, avoid the Michigan League Wendy’s whenever
possible. If there ever existed a janky restaurant than this is it.
The only good thing about it is that it is near Tim Horton’s.

Verdict: Legit


While it may be one of the busiest Subways in America, this
establishment offers faux-healthy food at a relatively fast

The long lines at lunchtime are a testament to the fact that the
Way is the happening place at the Union.

While the prices are higher than you might expect for Subway,
you can’t argue with the variety it provides. Even with the
crapshoot that is the bread (you never know how fresh it will be),
Subway is still a good option for those visiting the Union.

Verdict: Legit

Magic Wok

Asian cuisine meets western obsession with fast food, in this
New Generation Asian eatery. While you are better off ordering the
dishes that they hand make, there is nothing wrong with the sweet
and sour chicken or the almond boneless chicken, or as those in the
know call it, “ABC.” Another plus for the Wok is the free refills
it gives on its Coke products, a rarity in the Pepsi dominated

While some students may complain about getting “Wok”-ed, the
quality of food is better than the rumors would have you believe.
Your chances of getting sick are much lower than you would expect,

Verdict: Legit













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