The third season of “Workaholics” returns tonight, and with it comes more feats of stupidity from Adam DeVine (“Better Off Ted”), Blake Anderson (“5th Year”) and Anders Holm (“Key and Peele”).

Recently renewed for its fourth and fifth seasons, “Workaholics” has propelled itself to flagship status on Comedy Central, mostly due to its wild popularity among college students.

In an interview with The Michigan Daily, DeVine, Anderson and Holm spoke about partying with the Black Keys, their upcoming cameos in “Arrested Development” and why you should tune in for tonight’s new episode of “Workaholics.”

It’s no secret the guys like to party, but DeVine — who recently starred as Bumper in the hit musical comedy “Pitch Perfect” — was quick to mention that it might not be humanly possible to party as hard as their onscreen counterparts … because they’d be dead. That doesn’t keep them from bumping into new fans and enjoying themselves, as DeVine mentioned was the case when they met the Black Keys.

“They’re one of my favorite bands,” DeVine said. “Dan especially, the lead singer, he’s such a huge ‘Workaholics’ fan. So when they come in town sometimes, they invite us out, and we get to go party with them like we’re huge arena rock stars.”

Even with all the revelry, the “Workaholics” guys still know how to get down to business, with a movie script written and produced with Seth Rogen in the works and an upcoming cameo in the much-anticipated new season of “Arrested Development,” the latter of which made waves around Twitter.

“It was Day 1 of shooting the new season, so everyone was pretty amped,” DeVine said. “And Jason Bateman didn’t know who we were. He thought we were just actors hired for this small part.

“So he took a photo and then posted it on his Twitter,” he continued. “And Twitter just exploded, like ‘Oh my god the ‘Workaholics’ guys are on ‘Arrested Development’!’ and he came over to us and was like ‘Wait, who are you guys?’ ”

And it looks like their cameos on “Arrested Development” will highlight what DeVine, Anderson and Holm are best at: acting out thicker, stupider versions of themselves.

“I play a ticket-taker for an airline,” DeVine said. “So I’m delving out the tickets and I’m just totally inept. I’m just an idiot, and the other guys work for the airline as well.”

When asked what they would like to say to students at the University to get them to watch tonight’s episode, DeVine muttered something off-color before laughing, “I don’t know if you can print that, but good luck.”

Let your imagination run wild.

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