Daily Arts Writer Natalie Gadbois sat down with Facility and Programming Manager Brian Hunt of Ann Arbor’s State Theater to discuss the upcoming midnight screening of “Old School.”

Natalie: “Old School” is a relatively new movie compared to the other ones you have shown. Do you think it will be an issue that it’s not as much as a novelty — that it’s newer, can be watched online and is not yet a cult favorite?

Brian: I hope it does great for the same reasons that “Anchorman” did great, because I think that “Old School” is really the movie that made Will Ferrell a star. It’s funny because he’s not really the star of “Old School,” but he has become the star of “Old School.” He had been in other things before but this was the movie that a mainstream audience looked at and said, “This guy is funny.” I think if you go back and look at Tom Hanks or Jim Carrey, for example, there is a movie that made people watch them, and that was “Old School” for Will Ferrell.

Natalie: I think it was that moment he’s running down the street butt-naked — it’s so memorable and ridiculous and defines Will Ferrell.

Brian: He was on the cover of Runner’s World when that movie came out because of (that scene). The cover is this totally 1970s inspired (picture), and it’s him running down the street sweating. He had all this crossover appeal. It wasn’t just stoners who were into him, you know. Like right now, sitting here, is this a Will Ferrell movie or a Luke Wilson movie?

Natalie: It’s a Will Ferrell movie. Poor Luke Wilson.

Brian: But it’s supposed to be a Luke Wilson movie! He is the star, and no one remembers. I still think the funniest part is when Will sings “Dust in the Wind” at Blue’s funeral. I actually posted it on the State Theater’s Facebook. It was 8 a.m. and I was cracking up in my office because it just is such a weird movie.

Natalie: Obviously, you have no way of knowing who will show up, but do you think that it will be more of the college students who bond with that frat humor, or the people in their thirties who related with these men who can’t grow up?

Brian: I think that guys in fraternities look at this as a funny movie. And I do think that people unfairly write it off as frat-boy humor, but it’s not — it’s just Will Ferrell humor that I think is easily relatable to everyone. Every generation has their college movie, and I don’t know if “Old School” is it for this generation, but I think it’s pretty close.

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