The “oh-no-aliens-have-invaded-the-planet” scenario has been played out thousands of times, and two and a half minutes usually isn’t sufficient for a new contender to make a memorable impression on potential audiences.

“Pacific Rim”

Warner Bros.

But this sneak peek at “Pacific Rim” manages to mildly entice. The music is haunting, and the narrator’s voice is just ominous enough to grab attention. It’s a nice break from that one dude who’s pretty much monopolized the voiceover for this kind of preview.

There’s no big “star” highlighted apart from Guillermo del Toro (“Hellboy II: the Golden Army”), whose body of work as a director, writer and producer speaks for itself — this guy knows how to make a big-screen spectacle and he isn’t afraid to show off.

So, rather than glorifying an all-star cast, the trailer builds up the actual story of an attack from deep beneath the sea and showcases the visual effects, which are awesome. It’s a dazzling display of human controlled super robots as they attempt to defeat an onslaught of savage, dinosaur-like monsters (think “Transformers” vs. “Jurassic Park” on Lance Armstrong-level steroids).

As this first-look concludes, some sort of “rescue mission team captain” screams in a fiery rage, “Today, we are canceling the apocalypse!” Ambitious, right? So is “Pacific Rim” in an attempt to shock and awe with a popular plot line. It’s sure to entertain, especially with a 3-D release during the 2013 summer blockbuster season.

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