Le1f doesn’t necessarily make for “easy listening” rap. No, not easy listening in the corny nuevo-Wiz Khalifa way, but easy listening in the Future “Turn On the Lights” way. His music isn’t poppy whatsoever (and never has been), but it’s perfect for his Fader/Pitchfork niche fan base, a dedicated group of followers who’d probably rather see Le1f twerk on stage for three hours than listen to one song off of The Game’s most recent album.


Greedhead and Camp & Street

“Dark post-trap” is possibly the only way to classify Le1f’s sound, a snappy smorgasbord of ominous Lex Luger strings and jittering drums. His most recent single, “Coins,” is a fitting follow-up to the tracks of last year’s Dark York mixtape — it demonstrates both Le1f’s sassy-drawl flow and schizophrenic, barely-danceable hop, a perfect soundtrack to some surreal nightclub 50 years in the future. He claims himself to be as “Gangsta as Denzel” (funny, because Denzel is actually a devout Christian family man) and a certified trapper, declaring “At school I used to trap, now I rap,” which is also funny because he was a dance major at Wesleyan.

Regardless, “Coins” is semi-promising and an enjoyable listen, perfect for whenever you feel like punching through a wall or doing lots of drugs. Download it off of his Soundcloud or with his new mixtape, Fly Zone, which dropped on the 28th.

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