Music Video Review
“Major Distribution” – 50 Cent featuring Snoop Dogg & Young Jeezy
Directed by Eif Rivera

50 Cent featuring Snoop Dogg & Young Jeezy

“Major Distribution”

50 Cent is serious about making music again, and “Major Distribution,” the second single from his upcoming album, is hopefully a sign that the old 50 is back. The video for the track, which features Snoop Lion (né Dogg) and Young Jeezy, is the perfect accompaniment for the perfect 50 Cent song.

Director Eif Rivera keeps the video simple — each rapper is backed by their respective crews (G-Unit for 50, CTE for Jeezy and an awesome reunion of DPGC for Snoop), all of whom are clad in black. The camera shifts rapidly and somewhat frantically — at times a little too much so — between the rappers and a few stylized single shots of images referenced in the lyrics. A candy-painted blue Cadillac, gold-plated machine guns and a skeleton of some “apex predator” are a few of the great props used by Rivera. The best prop, though, is the golden stroller on which a kid sits; wearing the MMG chain 50 stole from Gunplay, the right-hand-man of his mortal enemy Rick Ross.

Aside from a beyond shameless plug for the porn site Brazzers, “Major Distribution” succeeds as a modern take on the classic rap video — entourages, guns, women and money, but done with keen and humorous artistic direction.

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