Fede Alvarez caught his break when Kanye West tweeted about one of the young filmmaker’s movies. Within a couple days, big name studios flooded his inbox with contract offers. A few signatures and a dozen handshakes later, Alvarez — in his first real Hollywood debut — is working with a multi-million-dollar budget to make “Evil Dead” a true terror.
Though “Evil Dead” is a remake of the classic original (released in 1981), it promises to deliver a fresh perspective on the blood-soaked, scream-filled cinematic experience.

Evil Dead


But don’t be fooled: In this new rendition, predictability appears to be a monster of its own. While the original is famous for introducing the idea of “the cabin in the woods,” the trailer shows that hardly any new story elements have been added. In addition, for all its sickening power, gore can only be utilized effectively to a certain extent.

Ultimately, “Evil Dead” strives to carve out a new degree of horror. And while special effects and different film techniques have come a long way in 30 years, some horror scenes will always pump a little extra blood through our veins.

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