Most NC-17 movies tailor their trailers to be more universally people-friendly than the hilariously twisted trailer of “Movie 43.” It’s a trailer that almost screams for younglings to stay a good 10 feet away from any door that leads to a place where this film might be screening. And ironically, that’s what makes it both obnoxious and a breath of fresh air.

Movie 43


But plenty of movies rain profanities on their audiences, you say. It’s true, crude jokes are funny when they come from someone who’s used to uttering them, like Seth Rogen and almost everyone he has ever worked with. But when Gerard Butler plays a dwarf-mistaken-for-a-leprechaun who says “I’m gonna cut off your balls and feed them to ya,” it brings funny to a whole new level. A level that’s only elevated when the likes of Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry and Naomi Watts join in the riot.

The trailer describes the movie as “unexpected” and “twisted.” It can’t be more right. Directed by 10 comedy directors and comedians, “43” promises to be that warped land where all the roles have reversed — the Richard Geres of the world make penis jokes and the Jonah Hills get nominated for Oscars. Let’s not deny it, that’s a place we all want to visit.

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