The production team behind “Love Actually” and “Bridget Jones’s Diary” has returned to create another laugh-’til-you-cry storm of irresistible Brit wit.

I Give it a Year

Working Title

“I Give it a Year” follows the ups and downs — well, just the downs, really — of a pair of newlyweds in their first year of marriage. Rafe Spall and the superbly multi-faceted Rose Byrne star as the troubled couple, with Anna Farris, Minnie Driver, Simon Baker and Stephen Merchant rounding out the full-bellied cast of comedy greats.

Byrne was underused in last year’s “Bridesmaids,” but with a salacious script from “Borat” ’s Dan Mazer in hand, it seems that she’ll once again be able to showcase the comedic mastery that made her the best part of “Get Him to the Greek.”

The premise is simple, giving flexibility to the punchy script that highlights the talent of this comic-studded cast. It might not have much to offer in terms of morals and real-life relationship advice, but sex jokes and general debauchery are aplenty.

Inappropriate and rife with sharp-tongued dialogue, the trailer bursts with everything there is to love about British rom-com ooze.

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