It’s no wonder that the season five finale of “Sons of Anarchy” was the show’s most-watched finale ever. “Sons” is at its best here, with threats, secrets and scheming in abundance, seamlessly jumping from one backstabbing betrayal to the next.

Sons of Anarchy

“J’ai Obtenu Cette”

This intense episode held nothing back, from an eerie opening sequence to a good-god-this-is-so-gruesome shot of a garbage can full of dog corpses.

Jax’s sheer ruthlessness is on display here; this isn’t the Jax of season one. The pull of the presidency has morphed the fearless blond into the kind of man that he once claimed to despise.

Meanwhile, Tara is arrested right after Jax discovers that she’s deigned Wendy guardian of the kids, leaving Jax in a bad place. Gemma finds him as he’s ripping up the papers — after she’s seen walking out of the police station — and says she’s going to take care of him. She wouldn’t be Gemma if she didn’t have the balls to crawl out of the hole she dug for herself. Give Sagal an Emmy already.

The finale leaves ample room for an explosive season six. “Sons of Anarchy” isn’t afraid to get as dirty as possible. Bring it.

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