I am a long-time resident of Columbus, and although I graduated from another school (Purdue), I have become a strong Ohio State football fan. Unlike most of the rhetoric you hear during The Game week, I have no bad feelings about the University of Michigan. In fact, I know it to be one of the premier public academic universities in the country, right up with University of California Berkeley, University of Virginia and Illinois.

I want you to know that I was very touched by the words and actions of your team’s quarterback, Devin Gardner, in the kind and articulate way he demonstrated his concern over the injury sustained by Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett during the game. He is a gentleman, a class act, a man that the entire University community — and, indeed, the state of Michigan — can be proud of.

What he did and said, and the manner in which he did both, will be the memory of that game that will remain with me.

Congratulations on having such a person as your football team’s leader. In the end, that kind of result trumps wins and losses, big time.

Bill Hood is a resident of Columbus, Ohio.

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