A recent “Jake and Amir” skit, “Interrogator,” begins as Amir talks with his friend Jake about his disastrous volunteer work, until the duo are rudely interrupted by Ben Schwartz (TV’s “Parks and Recreation”), who interrogates the two in an attempt to find out who defecated inside the CollegeHumor copier. The episode ends with a twist; it was actually Ben Schwartz’s character that pooped inside the copier.

CollegeHumor Live presented by Neebo

Friday at 10:30 p.m.
Union Ballroom

What the hell?!

Short skits like this are familiar to fans of CollegeHumor.com’s “Jake and Amir.” The comedy double-act is characterized by their hilarious back-and-forth rapport, often veering off-topic into a comedic firefight revolving around Jake’s disbelief at Amir’s ignorance of his own stupidity.

And now the CollegeHumor troupe is headed to Ann Arbor for a free live show compliments of Neebo, the textbook retailer that owns Ulrich’s, because University students won an online competition. The show will be hosted by Jake and Amir with stand-up performed by CollegeHumor editor in chief Streeter Seidell and writer and comedian Dan Gurewitch.

While students may be used to seeing the show online, Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld said in an interview with the Michigan Daily that the offline version of the show will be similar to any other CollegeHumor production, but with a few surprises.

“We have a lot of callbacks in our set, so if you’re a fan of the ‘Jake and Amir’ series, I think you’ll be happily surprised by some of the jokes,” Hurwitz said. “But we also try and make sure that it’s funny for people who are seeing us for the first time. It probably is catered a little more toward — in fact, you know what, if you’re writing this for the paper — everybody will enjoy the show.”

“And ‘Jake and Amir’ fans will enjoy the show even more!” Blumenfeld said.

“And Ben Schwartz will definitely be there …” Hurwitz joked.

“No! He will not be there,” Blumenfeld quickly interjected.

Though the chance of a Ben Schwartz cameo is out, Hurwitz hinted that students will have the opportunity to get involved in the show, with the possibility of some free stuff.

“We end the show with a very special surprise where there’s going to be some audience participation and some free giveaways,” Hurwitz said.

Despite the live audience, Hurwitz said the duo would stick to the roots that propelled them to fame. He said the show originated with them both just goofing around.

“It started sort of organically: I was given a digital camera, and I sat across from Amir at work and we started making funny videos and putting them online,” Hurwitz said. “And once people started watching them, we made more videos, and then we put them on a website, and that kind of slowly grew into what ‘Jake and Amir’ is now.”

Hurwitz and Blumenfeld said they keep their skits fresh and original by sticking with their gut.

“I think we just write what makes us laugh,” Amir said. “And, as long as you do that, and people enjoy it, you have nothing to be regretful about, because you’re not compromising anything. If you worry too much about keeping it fresh, you might sort of ‘lose the game’ so to speak.”

“So far we’ve trusted that our fans have the exact same sense of humor as us, and it hasn’t let us down,” Jake agreed.

Still, they were both quick to mention their excitement at the prospect of performing in front of a live audience while visiting Ann Arbor, Blumenfeld insisting that this time, he will visit Zingerman’s Deli.

“It’s always fun to travel and meet fans from different areas, especially when we get to come to a cool place like Ann Arbor,” Hurwitz said.

“Everyone told me to go to Zingerman’s, so this time, I’m going to go to Zingerman’s,” Blumenfeld said.

When asked about how they will pry students away from studying for finals, going to parties or hitting the bars on a Friday night, Hurwitz quickly jumped ship.

“If there’s bars and parties, I might do that instead of the show,” he laughed.

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