While I am generally attracted to Miu Miu pumps or Zara leopard booties, one unassuming shoe does grab my attention when it pops up around campus. The Chukka boot, made from calfskin or suede, with crepe rubber soles, shines like a beacon of hope among a sea of Timbos and decrepit Vans. The boot is so stylish, yet simple, that I am truly confused as to why every college student doesn’t own a pair.

Jack Kerouac immortalized the look of layers of plaid, jean jacket, cuffed 501s and suede Chukkas in his novel “On the Road.” Kerouac and his fellow Beats imparted an effortlessly cool look that does, in fact, stand the test of time. Students are constantly throwing chambray over denim or sporting wayfarers with a beanie sagging behind. If these famous looks endure, why can’t the Chukka boot?

The boots fulfill many campus needs with rubber soles that have just enough traction so you won’t wipe out on an icy sidewalk. The comfort level is somewhere between Adidas sneakers and Ugg boots. And the best part, unlike Vans or Converse, they actually look better with some wear and tear.

While many guys think they have found the answer to a fantastic look with Timbos paired with jeans and a Patagonia, I would urge the male populous to look into a pair of Chukka boots. I shamelessly give every man sporting Chukka boots the proper check out in an I-respect-you manner. They, in return, usually shuffle away, scared, but I’m just trying to appreciate those who are aware of fashion.

As if my approval was not enough, the boots come in many different price ranges, to suit any financial or aesthetic need.

For the classic Chukka boot, or one that closely resembles something Kerouac would wear, Clarks “Desert Boot” comes in a variety of leathers for men and women. The taupe or oakwood suede make for a fine-looking shoe that pairs nicely with the small speckling of salt stains at the toe that comes with the winter months.

For those who have been on top of the Chukka boot trend and are looking to expand upon their collection, I would suggest this felt option from John Varvatos. According to the Wall Street Journal, this boot falls in line with the felt trend for fall/winter.

My personal favorite is this unbelievably dope pair from Golden Goose . They have a chic star patch on them, so of course, they are definitely worth the additional 400 bucks.

Finally, the Chukka boot, in all its versatility, has gloriously tapped into the Chelsea boot trend. Rail has generously made a beautiful Chelsea chukka that allows one to emulate Kanye.

The boot is as stylish as it was in the ’60s. Whether you associate with the Kerouac or Kanye look, it can satisfy a serious closet and practical need. For optimal presentation, I would suggest dark denim, simple sweater, and suede Chukka boots. Then, you are guaranteed my utmost respect.

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