The Big Ten’s expansion means that Michigan will soon have new competitors as Rutgers and Maryland will both bring women’s tennis teams to compete against the Wolverines.

The current Michigan team that put up a 25-22 record in singles play during the fall season will be joined by a Rutgers team which should be filled with veterans by 2014. The Terrapins currently only have two upperclassmen. The small Maryland varsity team has just four players listed on the active roster. The move means big things for all the schools involved.

“Rutgers joining the Big Ten is huge.” said Rutgers coach Ben Bucca. “It enables us to recruit the best high school tennis players in the country with the promise that they will compete against the best college players in the country.”

Michigan, which, captured a Big Ten Championship in the 2010-2011 season, hopes to continue its strong play as the conference continues to grow.

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