To Our Fellow Wolverines:

Throughout the semester, between studying for our exams, enjoying boneless Thursday deals at Buffalo Wild Wings and cheering on the football team, a group of 22 students, all football season-ticket holders, have met regularly with the University Athletic Department. With four representatives from each class, including graduate students and two members of the Central Student Government, the Football Student Advisory Council has served as a candid voice to the Athletic Department regarding students’ experiences at football games.

We’ve helped make changes to how students experience game days. Our feedback played a role in lowering football season ticket prices and the free water at the Penn State game was our doing. We’ve also contributed to the discount on hot dogs available through the H.A.I.L. app, because who doesn’t love discounted hot dogs?

Hot dogs, cheaper tickets and free water just skim the surface of the list of improvements that FSAC has contributed to, and though they may make for a more positive student experience, the Athletic Department’s policies should not influence our student section game day environment.

Our attitude determines whether or not we enjoy game day. As a student body, our attitude toward this upcoming football game is important. Saturday marks the last home game of the season, the last time we will walk through those hallowed gates into our house this year, and our attitude will dictate our experience of the game. So, let’s choose to put aside our critiques and complaints and make the matchup between Michigan and Maryland the best home football game atmosphere yet.

Let’s make Saturday fun. The rich tradition surrounding Michigan football far surpasses any other collegiate football program, and that tradition includes having fun. Players spend hours every week at practice preparing for Saturdays because at some point they fell in love with the game. Tradition has been built at Michigan because it’s fun to go to games and cheer on our team. Sports are fun. Football at the Big House is fun. So on Saturday, bundle up, scream until you lose your voice, take advantage of the deals that we’ll get (it’s fan appreciation day on Saturday!) and enjoy the day with a stadium with your friends, family and fellow Wolverines.

Let’s make Saturday about the football team, especially the seniors. Earlier this semester, FSAC members had the opportunity to meet with the football team leadership group. They voiced to us loud and clear that the student section matters to them. The first place they look after touching the banner is the student section. They notice how full it is when they run out of the tunnel, and they hear and respond to our cheers throughout the game. We make a difference. So, let’s do our part and support our boys in blue this Saturday. Let’s get to the game early to watch our seniors honored and to cheer on our team as they run out of the tunnel. Let’s stay for the whole game, support our team and be active participants in the victory over Maryland.

We can make Saturday count. Our team needs one more win to be eligible for a post-season bid, and as students, we can do our part by cheering our team on to a victory at home for the last time this season.

As students, we are Michigan and our presence at games makes a difference. As FSAC, we’re bringing our best to Saturday. Will you?

This article was written by members of the Football Student Advisory Committee.

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