The love affair of this decade’s cinema with sequels, prequels and trilogies continues with “Oz: The Great and Powerful.”

Oz:The Great and Powerful


Prequel to 1939’s “The Wizard of Oz,” this “Oz” looks deeper into the life of the beloved wizard, Oz.

Played by James Franco, Oz is merely a Kansas stage magician who’s hurled into a fantasy world and mistaken for a wizard. But as the trailer so vibrantly promises, his lack of wizardry doesn’t stop Oz from embarking on a quest to rid the magical land (that suspiciously resembles Tim Burton’s Wonderland) of the evil witch.

74 years later, director Sam Raimi has far more technical tricks at his disposal to ensure that this prequel is nothing short of a spectacle. The trailer looks colorful and exciting, and with two Oscar nominees in the form of Franco and Michelle Williams and one Oscar winner Rachel Weisz at the helm, it’s unlikely that the performances will be any less stunning than the visual effects.

Here’s hoping Raimi doesn’t stray too far into Burton territory, and that he gives the timelessly loved land of Oz the respect and magnificence that it deserves.

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