Armed with little more than a piano and vocals, Majical Cloudz has produced “Savage,” a very personal and pain-stricken track that the Canadian duo has been performing during their live sets over the past year. Upon its release, Devon Welsh wrote a brief note detailing the vague circumstances which led to the song’s conception. While the explanation reveals little, as Welsh believes “what the song is ‘about’ is less important than how and why it is meaningful for you when you listen to it,” he does divulge that it centers around a friendship affected by drugs.


Majical Cloudz
Matador Records

The track’s raw approach heightens the emotional intensity of Welsh’s voice as he sings “I love you / But I have to let go, let go.” Sadness and distress plague the song in its entirety through his vocals, lyrics and somber melody. While overtly personal, the song lacks the specificity to detach the listener’s reliability to it. Welsh’s own experience may pertain to a friendship tormented by drugs, but as he admits “Shame on me for it / Shame on me for you,” it’s impossible not to find empathize with his heartache.

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