Kanye West’s victory over 50 Cent in their famous 2007 album sales competition marked the somewhat official sign that 50’s career had lost almost all steam. Simply put, 50 didn’t adapt. He refused to abandon his gangster persona at a time when gangsta music was bottoming out.

My Love

50 Cent

“My Life,” 50 Cent’s new single off of the upcoming Street King Immortal serves as his official comeback record. It seems as if 50 has finally understood what he has to do to regain his popularity, because while “My Life” isn’t overly mainstream, it is definitely less gangsta than his past work.

Over a guitar-laden and somewhat dark beat, 50 and Eminem rap about the ups and downs of fame and their respective careers. Though 50 sounds composed and back to his old self on his two verses, he is completely outdone by Eminem. More, the song doesn’t possess the energy and execution of some of 50’s past hits.

50 is playing it a little too safe with “My Life,” but considering he’s trying to resurrect a career that has been basically dead for almost five years, it’s understandable. Diehard fans might grumble, but 50 Cent is by no means selling out. He’s just finally adapting.

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