Coming off of the triple-platinum “Fancy” and platinum “Black Widow,” it’s no shock that Iggy Azalea’s latest can’t measure up. “Iggy SZN,” the second release from Reclassified is boring, self-serving and has me wondering why I paused 1989 to listen to it.

“Iggy SZN”

Iggy Azalea
Virgin EMI

Before anyone screams bias I must say this: I love Iggy Azalea. Azalea’s debut The New Classic was epic, each song great in its own way, but “Iggy SZN” doesn’t come close to surpassing the least memorable tracks of her previous LP. The chorus is repetitive without being catchy, and the raps induce eye rolls instead of the challenge to sing along to every word.

A rap song that is full of bragging? No shocker here, but at least make sure the track is worthy of the cockiness within (See: “Rap God”). Iggy Azalea is an exceptional rapper and artist, as made clear by her plethora of award nominations, but her success has gone to her head on this one.

It may be Iggy season right now, but if this is any indication of what she has in store for the future one thing is clear: the weather is going to change.

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