On Friday, Theophilus London dropped the track “Can’t Stop” off his new album Vibes, which was released on Tuesday. He teased the track, which features Kanye West, back in September before quickly taking it off the Internet. But now that it’s out for good, we can’t stop listening to it, just like the title suggests.

“Can’t Stop”

Theophilus London ft. Kanye West
Warner Bros.

Though different from London’s norm and reminiscent of West’s earlier days, the track sounds effortlessly put together. The artists’ styles cohesively blend — Kanye contributes a less-aggressive, more introverted verse than anything we’ve heard from him on Yeezus, while London provides both the melodic hook and his own smooth, lyrically impressive verse. With an unconventional jazz-like sound and some Kanye one-liners — “It ain’t Ralph tho” — “Can’t Stop” has the potential to become the upbeat, catchy track to listen to while walking to class in the dead of winter and wondering why the hell you didn’t go to UCLA, ugh.

This song, as well as the rest of Vibes was produced solely by West. The two have reportedly collaborated on music for West’s upcoming album, as well.

For now, I think it’s safe to say this track is “Ralph, tho.”

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