“The Mindy Project” essentially promises a romantic comedy every week. This premise hasn’t really been done before, and even though the series is still trying to find its voice, “Mindy” so far feels fresh.

The Mindy Project


“Halloween,” unfortunately, doesn’t deal a whole lot with the holiday. Mindy frantically tries to find a costume that will blow people’s minds — specifically, the latest guy she’s seeing, ESPN lawyer Josh, who’s smug and jerky in a way that is almost Jeff Winger levels of charming (but not quite). Her hunt yields a few humorous moments — Dirty Harry Potter and Tinkerbell Tailor Soldier Spy are true gems.

When done well, Halloween episodes allow sitcoms to highlight their strengths. “How I Met Your Mother” ’s “Slutty Pumpkin,” “Parks and Recreation” ’s “Greg Pikitis,” “Friends” ’s “The One With the Halloween Party” — all are hallmarks of their respective comedies.

“Mindy” doesn’t have as much fun with the holiday as it could. It’s a well structured episode, with Kaling hitting enough jokes to make it work. But it’s certainly not something to remember or revisit when All Hallows’ Eve comes again.

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