Ann Arbor’s music scene leaves a legacy, and pop vocalist Michelle Chamuel is coming back home to prove it. As her first record sets to hit stores in February, Chamuel is ready to test drive some of her new music in her upcoming “Turn It Up” tour — starting in Michigan.

Michelle Chamuel: ‘Turn it Up’ Tour

Monday, November 10, 8:00 p.m.
The Shelter
$6 to $27

Chamuel, a School of Music, Theater and Dance alum, formed the band, My Dear Disco (now known as Ella Riot), with fellow alums Tyler Duncan and Theo Katzman during her time at the University. After placing as a finalist on fourth season of NBC’s “The Voice, Chamuel continued to work with her former band mates — who also pursued solo careers in the music industry — on her new record, Face the Fire.

In an interview with The Michigan Daily, Chamuel said after “The Voice” had ended, her goal was to create a sound and image for herself outside of playing cover songs for reality television. She said this tour would be a new experience for her because of the freshness of the music she would be performing.

“I took some time to figure out what I wanted, because last time people saw the show was “The Voice”, playing a bunch of music that other people have written,” she said. “(“The Voice”) is amazing. It’s really established, as far as coming off of something like that, I wanted to really establish myself.”

The “Turn it Up” tour will kick off on Nov. 10 at The Shelter, Detroit. As she’ll be performing live before her record drops in stores, Chamuel said the majority of her fans would not recognize the songs on her set. However, she didn’t anticipate that the crowd would have any trouble singing along to her pop ensemble as her new music had upbeat, catchy lyrics.

“The musicality of it, sometimes people will play a jazz song and you don’t know what people are going to play, but if you know the general vibe, you get the element of surprise,” Chamuel said of how she expected fans to react to her music.

“I’m really excited to have that fresh dialogue,” she added. It’s a pop project so it doesn’t take too many listens for the audience to follow along.”

Chamuel, who studied Performing Arts Technology while at the University, said one of the biggest skills she learned from “The Voice” was how to broadcast her personality to the country. In contrast, she said her work with My Dear Disco placed more of her focus on music rather than on the way she appeared to the media.

“‘The Voice’ really changed that because it put my personality up front with my music,” she explained. “It’s an art, a performance, it’s not that I’m going up there and be eating a sandwich, but it’s my personality that’s up there on the show.”

She said the influences on her record varied from indie pop to jazz, and that the record’s variety in sounds and tracks made it an interesting pop collaboration. While tracks such as “Golden” and “Lottery” draw on modern-day electronic pop, others such as “Money” and “Rock It” throwback to the last few decades.

As the last time she performed live she was broadcasted on national television, Chamuel said she was looking forward to watching her audiences personally connect with her music.

“It’s really exciting for me to get on an actual stage on a smaller, more intimate medium,” she said. “The show is live but all being in the same room together, I’m really excited for it.”

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