This month of November, we in Counseling and Psychological Services are promoting “Movember” — a month focused on, and dedicated to, men’s mental health, and health and wellness in general, as a complement to our work with students the other 11 months of the year.

Men have a higher likelihood of dying by suicide and engaging in substance abuse. One in six are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Simultaneously, men underutilize mental health services, gravitate toward “toughing” it out in private, and find it easier to not ask for help.

Men’s health affects all of us regardless of our gender. We all have men in our lives that we care about. The stigma around accessing services has impacted many of us personally and professionally, and it’s time to create a change.

I urge all of us to create a caring community and to do something to help support this focus on men’s health and to make it easier for men to ask for help. Attend one of Movember events, take time to educate ourselves, create time to talk with each other, keep identifying ways to be healthy, and more importantly, to lay the foundation for the future — our future.

Most of all, I invite and urge us to make men’s mental health real in a meaningful and personal way. I know it’s hard — I’ve been there — it’s easy to think these things won’t happen to me or to anyone I care about. But, the reality is that a health issue can happen to all of us and/or to someone we care about — I’ve been there, too. Thinking back personally, I wish someone had talked about men’s health when I was in college. That’s how I make this real for me and I invite all of us to make this real and personal.

Join us on the Diag on Nov. 14 from 12-2 p.m. to learn more. And, join us in this effort as we collectively try to make an impact with action, with knowledge, with voice and with support.

Todd Sevig
Director of Counseling and Psychological Services

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