Today marks the one year anniversary of #BBUM, Being Black at the University of Michigan. The Black Student Union created this Twitter campaign in hopes of giving a voice to the Black experience at the University. This campaign quickly garnered national attention, and inspired similar movements on other college campuses across the nation.

Although a year has passed, the Black Student Union’s work continues. After releasing the hashtag last year, it, along with members of the Black community issued seven demands to University officials on Martin Luther King Day. Students demanded full restoration of the BSU’s budget, affordable housing on Central Campus, a new centrally located multicultural center, revision to the Race and Ethnicity requirement, emergency scholarships for Black students, increased disclosure of documents within the Bentley Library and an increase in Black representation on campus equal to 10 percent.

Though the hashtag campaign remains a revered instance of student activism on campus, the BSU and members of the Black community will continue striving to make more than a symbolic impact.

This article was written by members of the Black Student Union.

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