“Girls” has officially set the date (Jan. 11, 9 p.m.) giving us just over two months to obsess over the recently released trailer for season four. Hannah is back in the Midwest at the prestigious Iowa City Writer’s Workshop, and struggling to maintain any fictive distance (“The main character is a girl with a lot of tattoos named Anna”), but she’s always had boundary issues so what would we expect? And where Hannah goes, Eli follows in well-tailored shorts, including to what looks like a frat version of season two’s “I Love It” night out, except with paint wrestling instead of iPad DJ’s (this is Iowa).


Returns Jan. 11 at 9 p.m.

Shoshanna has a cute new bob (actually I counted at least 5 in the trailer, clearly “Girls” is getting with the Lob trend post-mortem) but post-grad corporate life is cramping her style. This is ridiculous because if there is a character made for the peplum-friendly world of office fashion and all things jewel-toned, it’s her (love ya, Shosh).

Adam is taking the reverse Charlie trajectory and becoming less attractive in relation to his increasing douchiness and also doing some much needed soul searching.

The most important ayahuasca lifestyle muse/trust fund bohème/stick-and-poke hobbyist of our time is the same, by which I mean Jessa’s absent from most of the trailer, notably showing up to slap Hannah while wearing another cool lingerie romper thing that Free People will probably sell now.

Marnie is Marnie, blah, and still doing the indie-folk thing, but she does give the best line of the trailer (“Just so you know this is not one of your most convincing fake showers”).

In short, everyone is back and worse than ever, which is exactly why we watch “Girls.”

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