When you watch the first trailer for “The Lone Ranger,” you can’t help but think to yourself how easily this film was probably green-lit by its studio. After all, it has all the elements of a carefully constructed Hollywood blockbuster. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp are reunited, and the film features Hollywood’s newest breakout star, Armie Hammer, as the Lone Ranger. They were even able to find a film that has only been done four times already!

The Lone Ranger


And yet, the trailer leaves you with a distinct feeling of “meh,” or possibly, “That’s one to save for Netflix … maybe.”

Depp, playing sidekick Tonto, looks pretty much like Jack Sparrow with a dead crow on his head. Hammer embodies the definition of stereotypical action hero, but one that lacks a truly compelling backstory or motivation. The addition of producer Jerry Bruckheimer is evident in the top-notch special effects and explosions (mostly involving trains), but it comes across like they just threw money at a mediocre story.

Kids and nostalgic parents might find this a fun popcorn flick, but if dad’s cell phone goes off in the middle of watching it, he might answer with a furtive, “No, no, it’s fine … I can talk.”

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