After the record-smashing success of “Avengers,” expectations for this threequel couldn’t be higher. The trailer makes it clear that the aftermath of Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) Avengers shenanigans have taken a toll on the scotch-loving superhero. He’s having nightmares, brooding and lying in the snow.

Iron Man 3


Ben Kingsley is unfortunately underused as the formidable Mandarin in the trailer. Gwyneth Paltrow returns as the always-smiling Pepper Potts, whose presence’s greatest contribution is a stunning slow-mo explosion sequence.
The low lighting and throbbing beats of the trailer mark a definite mood change, reflecting a shift from Jon Favreau’s style to new director/screenwriter Shane Black’s grittier work.

But a darker film could prove to be just what this franchise needs. Everything the first “Iron Man” did well was seen again in “Iron Man 2.” While Tony Stark doesn’t necessarily need to redefine himself, growth is welcome.

Favreau’s departure is unfortunate, but hardly a game changer. So long as Downey Jr. is in his element and Black puts forth a fresh story, the Iron Man armor will continue to shine.

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