In 2004, Southeast Asia was struck with disaster when a tsunami claimed the lives of thousands and displaced more. And because Hollywood is nothing if not predictable, this December, a movie capitalizing on global tragedy is coming to a theater near you.

The Impossible

Warner Bros

“The Impossible” would perhaps be slightly less alarming if its aim were to truly capture the turmoil of those days through the eyes of the communities torn apart by the disaster. But mostly, it looks like it’s just about white people defeating odds.

Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor are your perfect little European family with two boys and plenty of happiness to go around. But their quaint resort vacation takes an ill-fated turn when the tsunami strikes.

The trailer is not only heavy-handed in its slathering of emotional cues, but also gives away most of what’s to come … which is mostly just a lot of footage of this beautiful European family running, searching and surviving, and nary a shot of the region’s actual inhabitants.

“The Impossible” aims to make you feel, but mostly just glosses over a serious event with a shiny coat of Hollywood romanticism.

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