“0 to 100 real quick” describes the speed at which Drake’s new single, “How About Now,” starts to suck copious amounts of ass. Drake has established himself as an innovator in the hip-hop world, and his most recent work has been top notch. Nothing was the Same set a high bar that was always going to be difficult to maintain — yet, on singles like Lil Wayne’s “Believe Me” and his own “0 to 100,” Drake met the high expectations he established for himself. However, “How About Now” is horrendously boring — one dimensional in production and a lyrical tragedy.

“How About Now”

OVO Sound

This song has literally one of the worst hooks ever — “Girl, How about now. Because I’m up right now, and you suck right now.” God damn. Sounds more like the script to a Viagra commercial than rap lyrics. Girl, whatever you did, take comfort in knowing that you don’t suck as badly as this song. Drake’s fans are going to be crying tears of shame – and those aren’t the Drizzy-induced tears he’s going for. In terms of production, this song started with potential — 40, Drake’s producer, rarely fails to deliver something unique. But in this case, even he struggles to change up the pace. When you combine Drake’s lyrical face plant and 40’s momentary lack of inspiration, you get a really shitty song. And “How About Now” is just that. Fellow fans — don’t despair though — I’m sure he’s just feeling a little hazy after serving as a prop in the “Anaconda” music video. He’ll be back.

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